In Memory of our Marta Jo
Mon Jul 9, 2018 8:17pm

Cousin Lorri, Thank you & God Bless You & Your Own Family Always..I admire you with your honesty & strength as well. I think it is very important for the family to hold hands to hang on tight to not let go which can lead to a walk of destruction if so. Times are very stressful in lives today & we all have our difficult times now & then. It is so important to know that when in need one of us cousins are just a phone call away to talk things out, to have hope again & get some needed strength on a particular day in which Marta Jo & Matthew did not have that opportunity to reach out soon enough to try & avoid what we all are now faced with in such a stunning unimaginable tragedy of events. Any community that we are living in has phone# contacts available to avoid these situations in which we cannot let our pride interfere as lives are more important. It has been proven more than once how our lives with our loved ones can change in an instant to transform our lives forever. Lorri you used the word "Shattered" well yep that is about it the truth now.

I mentioned to cousin Joe I remember all of us as children running through the grass playing at the "Family Reunions" so innocent without a care in the world. Later through the years we could watch our own children doing the same as we did in supervising children being children & so happy we could share the memories. Sadly in our lives today, things are now much different. Our families are in need of "Prayer & Blessings" especially to Tracy & the Children to get the "Faith & Strength" to pick up the pieces to put back together what is possible to go on with in peace & "Lord be with all of Them"...xoxoxoxo

  • Re: In Memory of our Marta JoLorri, Mon Jul 9 8:31am
    Andie, Amen to all you said. -L
    • In Memory of our Marta Jo — Andie, Mon Jul 9 8:17pm
      • In Memory of our Marta JoAndie, Mon Jul 9 8:32pm
        All of the Support, Concern, Love & Prayers of all that has been said is of course meant for Jeff, Gerry & their own children as well...xoxoxo
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