Be Thankful ...
Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:03pm

Be thankful for the double-dose of goodness.

Be also thankful that you do not appear old enough for the role.

Your brother, however, is looking like a bisabeulito these days.

That is all.

  • Finally an AbuelaAbuela Marlene, Fri Jul 20 2:13pm
    My oldest son Scott and his wife Stephanie safely delivered twins this morning at 34 weeks. Rowan (boy) weighs 5 lbs and is 18.5 ď; Olivia (girl) weighs 4.6 lbs and Iím not sure of her length. They... more
    • Be Thankful ... — Chico, Tue Jul 24 2:03pm
    • Re: Finally an AbuelaJoe M., Mon Jul 23 5:40am
      Congratulations to all!!! And prayers for the little ones to grow and grow and live a healthy and happy life!!!! - Joe and Michelle
      • congrats!Lorri, Tue Jul 24 9:41am
        Marlene, this is such happy news! Babies to hold! Congratulations to all!
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