We Are All Connected
Fri Aug 3, 2018 9:28pm

YES, YES we are and thank you for posting this Don it is beautiful and so true. Cousin Pat Lynch sent me an email a couple of days ago to share a beautiful story with me which I read and that just made my day. Pat then called mom today as well to talk and she loves recieving calls as her world is pretty small now and she is getting more frail but does pretty well considering being totally blind.

Mom and Aunt Lucy check in on each other daily much of the time. Marlene called mom today to let her know the twin babies are coming along very well. The "Tree" here helps us share our lives and various celebrations and when we are trying to work and grieve through a sickness or a death we all have our daily thoughts in support and prayer from across the miles to anyone needing this from all of us wherever we are. Sister Diane is working and living in China now but a very brave move I think which is an adjustment but she calls mom each Saturday to check in. As cousins there is just many of us everywhere so "We are All Connected" together which is a "Blessing" from above from our family who have passed on before us. It is like "COUSIN POWER" everywhere...!!!

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