Andie & Mom
Chico's Annual Event
Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:55pm

Back in the day we heard of our parents or aunts & uncles who were climbing up in age needing various replacements such as hips and a new knee for me and now that it has completely healed I am forever grateful I had it done. The same goes for hips in being painful when they are close to the end of their own life span ahhh, who needs them anyway..?? Well we do just as our parents did along with the rest of the elder relatives before us.

In any event, another round for Chico for an excellent cause in research in finding a cure for such a debilitating disease such as this one is. Your Aunt Gerry supported you last year in a donation and will again for this round in which cousin Eddie said it best Way to go, Chico & so "Proud we are of You"...!!!

  • Way to go, Chico!Eddie Newman, Fri Aug 17 10:37pm
    Your devotion to this annual event is an inspiration. Your passion for riding, even after hip replacement, is truly motivational for me. I'm hoping that I will be able to participate in similar... more
    • Chico's Annual Event — Andie & Mom, Wed Aug 22 3:55pm
      • Chico's Annual Event Andie, Fri Aug 24 11:59pm
        Just for more information involving MS there are a couple of good books written by Richard Cohen a CNN Journalist who has been battling MS since his mid-twenties but it did not matter back then to... more
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