Andie & Mom
Bob Ruybal Service in Viet Nam
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:18am

Mom & I have to say as we take the time to remember & think back to 911 the best of regards to the individuals who served our country & those lives lost in the individuals who are our citizens along with the professional Police, Firemen & the Paramedics along again with so many citizens who attempted to save & help rescue many caught in this vicious 911 attack whom all did their very best though most sadly many also perished. The loss of these great people are remembered today in prayer by us Americans, their families & friends who are still mourning their loss of their loved ones. "Thank you cousin Don" for re-posting this article of our very handsome cousin Bob Ruybal (mom says so & that is the gospel speaking so end of story ha, ha) so I was able to read what I could to mom as her hearing is not to good these days either but yet still now in total blindness, mom really tries so hard at her age she deserves a lot of credit. Back then, I remember those times well along with my dad's brother our Uncle Jerry who served in Viet Nam also. The fact that cousin Bob started his own letter writing after receving one from our good friends Jim & Jaunita Musser who both are now deceased but raised a beautiful daughter in that being Karen Musser back then made it all the better for all of us for one, because it is not easy to come home to adjust with family & friends after combat from fighting for our country in a war without more needed support to adjust back to being out of combat now and need to carry on with everyday life. Our Veterans here who have come back home after surviving the war many come home without limbs and other serious injuries including mental and emotional issues with difficulties from fighting in combat. Personally speaking for myself, I feel not enough has or is being done for that matter to assist our past, current and any future veterans. Cousin Diane Creel has a daughter Amy who served two deployments I believe it was in which as a large family, I am sure we are all on the same page in being grateful that they and any other of our relatives who have served came home safely unlike our Uncle Guy who perished in combat as a fighter pilot to adjust back into civilian life here in the states or abroad which for many can be understandably difficult.

I remember the wedding well it was a cute little church near Santa Cruz in being such a celebration of this "Wedding & such a large relief Bob returned home with no injuries to his future bride Karen Musser. After the service a blessed reception of fun including the dinner & cake were superb. Many of the Ruybal's including of course Aunt Lucy & Uncle Phil were able to attend the wedding so it was a "REAL HONOR & WEDDING" to be able to thank cousin Bob & our Uncle Jerry who fought in combat for our country. Lastly, life goes on as the cousins families keep growing into more "Marquez Generations" to come upon us all now and in the right there "ALL IS GOOD...!!!

  • Bob Ruybal's service in Viet NamDiane L Creel, Fri Sep 7 10:46am
    Thank you for posting this!
    • Bob Ruybal Service in Viet Nam — Andie & Mom, Wed Sep 12 4:18am
      • Thank you!Bob Ruybal, Thu Sep 13 5:05pm
        Andie, Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am amazed you still remember our wedding. I am so thankful Aunt Gerry asked Juanita to bug her daughter into sending me a letter. Uncle Jim and Jerry took... more
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