Article About Sean Macy
Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:24pm

I read this entire article earlier today of the honey & apple business & how interesting the article was in how they became apart of such a developing operation and where they are now in the success Sean and his wife are having with this on their farm today. What is another positive issue is how healthy this product is for you in being like gold along with the candles and all else they are able to produce from all of their crops (hives) so to speak.

Many "KUDOS" to them and their own family with much continued success now & in the future years ahead..!!

  • Article About Sean MacyDon, Wed Oct 31 9:39am
    The following article about Sean Macy, the brother of Joanne’s husband, Tim, and his honey and apple business appeared in the Idaho State Business Journal. Click on the link below to read the... more
    • Article About Sean Macy — Andie, Wed Oct 31 8:24pm
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