Andie & Mom
Bob and Karen Return To Vietnam
Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:09pm

I read the entire article which is so very interesting and insightful as even I found out more information that myself nor mom were aware of so thank you for that especially in just honoring "Veterans Day" We are also so happy that Karen felt you needed to return to see & experience the many years of changes and yet still some poverty in various places. I have friends that also went to Vietnam this past September and now it is mostly beautiful resorts and a very inexpensive place to visit and stay as in their pictures show so many parts are just beautiful now.

We all go through issues in life that bring us many changes at times some good and some not so but over the years the time does heal all to make life much better. Bob & Karen you two are a gem of a working team together & to your own families so treasure that it is like a gift you both have been given.

I have been home here with mom as she has not been feeling well the past few days but seems to be improving today and eating some. My daughter Kaitlin who is now living in Healdsberg in the Napa Valley had to leave yesterday for Chile with her new job at Fetzer Winery. I was to drive up to stay at her townhome while she was away to take care of some things but the fires down south here have been a raging disaster for many who have had their homes burnt to the ground, loss of lives & animals and many still missing. Our freeways have been closed off and on and as of today the fires are still burning and the individuals with mandatory evacuations whose homes were saved were being allowed to start returning home today but are now again being turned away because of new fires starting while the firemen are still trying to put out the remainder of the original fires started so this could go on a few more days it has been said. My friend who is a Physician has been assisting after his normal office hours in all the ER's as the thick smoke has been very toxic bringing in many people from all over with lung issues now. Mom & I are safe where we are thank goodness with mom being totally blind. Marlene's son Scott & his wife Stephanie along with the twins and their dog had to evacuate over the weekend to go stay at Stephanie's parents home but we are not sure if they have been able to return home yet though their new home that they just moved into not long ago was saved thank goodness. That is about it from down south here though many are in shock walking around in a daze as it came upon the effected areas so fast with not much time to prepare in which many have been sleeping in their cars such as actor Martin Sheen & his wife along with a few other celebrities who have lost their homes. The stress levels are at an all time high right now with so much fear everywhere & the police trying to keep some calmness to all with much needed support. I am sure you all have seen the developments on the news but regardless everyone take care because life can change in a fast instance in which that is all it takes..xoxoxo

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    • Bob and Karen Return To Vietnam — Andie & Mom, Tue Nov 13 1:09pm
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