Update on Aunt Lucy
Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:36pm


Today Donna, Pat, Rick, and myself met with a Nurse Practitioner to talk about palliative care and hospice for mom.

When a person has a serious illness, palliative care helps to make their daily life more manageable and livable. You can do a Google search on ďpalliative careĒ to find out more about it.

The palliative care allows a nurse practitioner to see mom on scheduled visits (usually once a month) and they are not meant for emergency care.

The nurse told us what we can do to make mom more comfortable. She was at the house for about an hour.

The nurse agreed that mom now qualifies to go into hospice care. Hospice care is normally prescribed for patients that have less than 6 months to live, although they could live longer.

The nurse was going to talk to momís primary doctor today to have him prescribe that mom start receiving hospice care as of today. Medicare will pay for the hospice nurses and treatments. Hospice should be able to provide us with an adjustable bed to help mom sleep better.

Mom is slowing regaining her strength back. She is now almost totally deaf. She has been having a lot of phlegm ever since she returned home from the hospital. Today she was dizzy for the first time since returning home.

Mom will be seeing her primary doctor with Pat this afternoon for a checkup. Mom has had a temporary IV port in her upper arm to allow her to get antibiotics through an IV instead of by taking pills. The type of IV port that mom is now using is only meant for temporary use. When Pat takes mom to her doctor today, he will ask the doctor to see if mom can use a ďpick lineĒ type of IV that is designed for long-term use.

The nurse practitioner took momís vital signs. Her oxygen level is good. Her blood pressure is about normal. Her breathing is good and the nurse didnít detect any fluids in momís lungs. When mom was in the hospital, the doctors told the family that momís oxygen level is good and that she didnít need to use the oxygen tank that she has been using when she sleeps. Pat will be confirming that she can stop using the oxygen tank with momís primary doctor during their visit today.

Although mom was present for todayís meeting, she probably couldnít hear much and she had her eyes closed most of the time.

We are still concerned about the aneurism that is in momís stomach. It continues to grow and if it bursts, mom will die shortly thereafter. The aneurism was first noticed about 2 years ago and at that time it was 3 millimeters in size. It is now about 5.5. millimeters in size. Normally the aneurism could be removed through an operation but because of momís age (95) and her frail health, she may die during the operation so the aneurism will stay in her.

Mom is slowly losing her life. The next major illness she has may be the one that takes her. We have all agreed, especially mom, that she wants to die at home. If mom gets sick again, we will take her to the hospital to get stabilized and then bring her home instead of keeping her in the hospital to recover. Hospice care will visit daily or as needed to make sure mom is comfortable and not in pain.

Momís had a good long life and she is ready to go home to be with dad and her family. She may live another 6 to 12 months or more or she could pass tomorrow, depending on her strength and the next illness.

Now is the time to visit mom while she is still conscious and knows what is going on. Her next illness may put her into a coma as her strength weakens.

Donna, Pat, and Rick are taking good care of mom. Mom talks with Donna when Donna gives her a bath or takes her to the bathroom.

If you have any additional questions, please call Rick (303-726-6883) or Donna (303-726-1266) for additional information on mom.

Now is the time to pray for mom and her remaining days.


    • Aunt LucyMarily, Mon Jan 14 12:28pm
      May God keep Aunt Lucy in as little pain as possible, feeling as good as possible, and able to communicate as best she can. Amen. Go be with all of her family.
    • Aunt LucyLoretta Atencio, Fri Jan 11 11:34pm
      This breaks my heart. She was always such a special person in my mom, Vivian's, life and I have loved her all of mine. I will keep her and your entire family in my prayers. Love, Lorie Atencio
    • Re: Update on Aunt LucyMarkene, Fri Jan 11 7:38pm
      God bless Aunt Lucy and your entire family.
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