Joe M
Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:54pm

Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to tag along as the kids start school the week immediately following the reunion but we made the trek down to Alamosa about 7 years ago. I second Chico's recommendation of eating at Calvillo's in Alamosa. Reminded me a lot of Grandma's home cooking.

Another stop to put on your itinerary is the tiny Catholic Church in Capulin which is not far from Alamosa. The cemetery beside the church is where Jose de la Luz Marquez is buried (I think we have a photo somewhere of David with his gravestone) and the church itself is gorgeous for a tiny rural church.

Also just for planning purposes, Trinidad is a good 2 hours from Alamosa. And while the Sand Dunes are a worthwhile stop for sure, it will be blazing hot in Aug so you definitely want to go early in the morning!

  • Ideas for the Valley CarvanLorri, Mon Feb 11 7:59pm
    Here's some ideas that interest me for an excursion through the San Luis Valley. I will do further investigating. Please give input. Rocky Mtn. Land Library at Buffalo Peaks Ranch... more
    • Alamosa — Joe M, Sun Feb 17 1:54pm
      • Re: AlamosaLorri, Mon Feb 18 12:34pm
        YES! Thanks for the reminder Joe. I can picture this church. Aw so sorry that school begins so early.
    • AlamosaChico, Wed Feb 13 12:49pm
      Some comments: 1). Last time we checked Fernandez was mail-order/wholesale only. They do not do over-the-counter sales. 2). The Cordova Chapel (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is on private land off CO... more
      • AlamosaChris Ruybal , Wed Feb 13 10:55pm
        I'd be up for a trip, maybe I could talk one of my kids into going too. I've been to a lot of places down there from my Ruybal side, but never seen any of the Marquez/Cordova sites. At Uncle Roque's... more
        • Re: AlamosaJoanne, Fri Feb 15 4:48pm
          That would have been Manuel and Merlinda Marquez. We could definitely contact them.
          • Re: AlamosaLorri, Mon Feb 18 12:31pm
            Good to know...please reach out to Manuel and Merlinda.
        • re: AlamosaDiane L Creel, Fri Feb 15 1:20pm
          I had a long conversation with Lorie Attencio last night about Alamosa and Fernandez chili. (She is one of our second or third cousins on the Marquez side. Her mom, Aunt Vivian, was great friends... more
        • Re: AlamosaAnonymous, Fri Feb 15 11:35am
          Was it Manuel and Melinda?
        • Fernadez ChiliLoretta Atencio, Thu Feb 14 10:48pm
          I called and got a list of the Fernandez products which included the package size and prices. I am missing a few and will get the rest hopefully tomorrow. They are available at Valley Meats in... more
        • Re: AlamosaLorri, Thu Feb 14 10:59am
          Chris that would be great if you can locate that cousin who knows the area. Was it possibly Joe and Alice Marquez? I have reached out to Joe Marquez of Que Pasa newsletter and inquired if he is... more
    • re: ideasDiane Creel, Tue Feb 12 2:26pm
      I'd love to hitch a ride with someone. Maybe my brother Mike will have room, as my kids have to go back to MD right after the reunion.
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