Marilyn Newman
Alamosa Side Trip
Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:46pm

Hi. Has someone volunteered to coordinate the family side trip to Alamosa? Seen the idea bantered around. Is it going to happen? ...not going to happen? Need to know if I need to make KOA reservations in Alamosa or not. Being near the Sand Dunes National Park, making reservations sooner than later might be needed. Please speak up or Iíll just do nothing about reservations. Thanks all.

    • AlamosaChico, Tue Mar 26 2:29pm
      We have reservations Sunday night at the Alamosa Hampton Inn. From there we will head to Taos, Santa Fe, and fly home from Albuquerque. We've been to Sand Dunes a couple of times so we'll probably... more
      • Valley etc.Lorri, Thu Mar 28 11:01am
        Hi Marilyn and all, Yes there is a definite plan in mind. I was just at the Cordova Chapel last week and have contacted the current property owner, RAchel Torres, who is lovely and knows so much... more
        • Cordova PlazaMarilyn Newman, Thu Mar 28 11:10am
          Lorri. Mike would like to talk with you by phone. He doesnít do anything related to a computer or smart phone. His cell phone is 540-845-7808 or if you give us your number he will call you. Thanks.... more
          • phoneLorri, Sun Mar 31 2:45pm
            Marilyn, Let Mike know my home phone landline with answering machine is 860-561-8611. Thanks.
          • attn: Marilyn & MikeLorri, Sun Mar 31 7:18am
            Marilyn, just saw your message. I will call Mike this evening.
    • Re: Alamosa Side TripMarlene, Tue Mar 26 4:10am
      Hi Marilyn John and I have reservations at the Alamosa KOA 8/6-8/12. Not sure who all is going, but Iím pretty sure Diane and Marty are
      • Alamosa TripMarilyn Newman, Tue Mar 26 10:07am
        Hi Marlene. What would we do for those 7 days? Just wondering. Thanks. Marilyn
        • Re: Alamosa TripMarlene, Tue Mar 26 6:01pm
          Hi Marilyn (Again) If you want to email me directly, my email is
        • Re: Alamosa TripMarlene, Tue Mar 26 4:41pm
          Hi Marilyn We plan to spend a day around Alamosa, there is a scenic railroad we want to check out, UFO Watchtower, Sand Dunes Natl Park, anything else anyone wants to recommend. Its probably too far... more
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