Wed May 8, 2019 11:01pm

Wow! Too close to home. Thankfully your kids were safe. Unfortunately, others were not. I was watching the news this evening, local and national. All the tv stations did a story on Kendrick Castillo, hero, student, who saved numerous lives by tackling the gunman and taking a bullet. Gut wrenching and emotional, listening to his parents and best friends.

I am a campus monitor at a high school. Numerous questions were asked to me if an active shooter came on campus, would I take a bullet to save lives. In August, my high school is going to be ground zero for an active shooter exercise with numerous local and state emergency agencies. I will be involved with this. Very sad and wrong that this is a reality that we have to face in today's society.

  • Re: David & Tyler Marquez are safeAnonymous, Wed May 8 8:34pm
    Thank you Lorri and Marlene. A future Marine helped save our babies. Another student and an underpaid security guard helped....and the Hispanic kid gave his life for all the kids even the ones of... more
    • STEM — Bruce , Wed May 8 11:01pm
      • Re: STEMJoe M., Fri May 10 6:15pm
        Thank you Bruce. May God keep you safe and never have this hit your high school!
      • Re: STEMLorri, Fri May 10 8:18am
        Bruce, Agreed. Such a loss of innocence and freedom that families live with their children under threat at school. Awful that the threat is from this new alienation and evil pursuits of certain... more
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