Mon May 13, 2019 2:15pm

Ha, ha...LOVE IT Chico...!!!

  • WelcomeChico, Mon May 13 7:54am
    Allow me to publicly welcome Eddie to bilateral hip replacement club. Our motto: "Setting off metal detectors from coast-to-coast".
    • Welcome — Andie, Mon May 13 2:15pm
      • Hip, Hip, Horray!Sandi Lange, Tue May 14 7:54am
        I also am in the not so exclusive club of double hip replacements. I even had a hip revision. Second surgery on my left hip due to appliance failure and incorrect placement. Everything is pretty good ... more
        • Hip, Hip HoorayDiane L Creel, Tue May 14 6:22pm
          Sandi, and other hip replacement club members, I hope you are ALL attending the Marquez Reunion so we can discuss these issues in person. When the Newmans get together we seem to only discuss... more
          • Outside, please ...Chico, Wed May 15 2:30pm
            Should you d*mn Newmans decide you wish to continue your discussions of digestive issues in Denver this summer, please do so at the cookout on Saturday: I am familiar with your family's tendencies to ... more
            • Re: Outside, please ...Marlene, Wed May 15 9:35pm
              Bwahhhh. I know what I will be talking about with the Newmanís!!!
            • Re: outside, pleaseDiane L Creel, Wed May 15 3:16pm
              Chico, you will be happy to know that very few d*mn Newmans will be in attendance. Mike & Marilyn, Pat & Van, my daughter Mary, her husband and I will be the only ones....and WE'RE not the ones who... more
              • Re: outside, pleaseJoanne, Thu May 16 8:39am
                Speaking of the reunion.... Dont forget to get your registration and payment in. Cant wait to see everyone!!
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