Diane L Creel
Hip, Hip Hooray
Tue May 14, 2019 6:22pm

Sandi, and other hip replacement club members, I hope you are ALL attending the Marquez Reunion so we can discuss these issues in person. When the Newmans get together we seem to only discuss digestive issues, and that's getting old. (Oh, the jokes I could make, but will refrain until we meet face to face.)

  • Hip, Hip, Horray!Sandi Lange, Tue May 14 7:54am
    I also am in the not so exclusive club of double hip replacements. I even had a hip revision. Second surgery on my left hip due to appliance failure and incorrect placement. Everything is pretty good ... more
    • Hip, Hip Hooray — Diane L Creel, Tue May 14 6:22pm
      • Outside, please ...Chico, Wed May 15 2:30pm
        Should you d*mn Newmans decide you wish to continue your discussions of digestive issues in Denver this summer, please do so at the cookout on Saturday: I am familiar with your family's tendencies to ... more
        • Re: Outside, please ...Marlene, Wed May 15 9:35pm
          Bwahhhh. I know what I will be talking about with the Newmanís!!!
        • Re: outside, pleaseDiane L Creel, Wed May 15 3:16pm
          Chico, you will be happy to know that very few d*mn Newmans will be in attendance. Mike & Marilyn, Pat & Van, my daughter Mary, her husband and I will be the only ones....and WE'RE not the ones who... more
          • Re: outside, pleaseJoanne, Thu May 16 8:39am
            Speaking of the reunion.... Dont forget to get your registration and payment in. Cant wait to see everyone!!
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