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Re: Paula M Jaramillo
Sat Dec 15, 2007 09:51

My apologies to all of you. I've had trouble logging in or would have joined in on this matter some time ago. The photograph in my book, which I was told by genealogist Pauline Jaramillo in the late 1980s was Telesfor Jaramillo, has now been confirmed(by Bob McCubbin) to be William "Julian" Maxwell, the half-Cheyenne boy adopted by the family who died of smallpox in 1877 at age 20 (the story is in Henry Hoyt's FRONTIER DOCTOR).

For the record, Celsa Gutierrez appears in the 1870 census for Puerto de Luna (house number 147. Her age, 14, indicates she was born c.1856, the daughter of Jose D. Gutierrez, 42, farm laborer and wife Feliciana, 28, probably in PdL. Her sister Apolinaria (Garrett's wife-to-be) was a year younger.

  • Paula M Jaramillojim lynch, Sat Dec 8 19:13
    Chuck, I use Ancestry.Com, an online Pay service.But the nice thing is that I can view the original census,plus a whole lot more. It is worth it to me. On Paula-Telesfor is obviously out due to age,... more
    • Re: Paula M Jaramillo — FrederickWNolan, Sat Dec 15 09:51
      • Re: Telesforgary f, Mon Dec 17 18:37
        Thank you Mr. Nolan for clarifying the info about the picture. That solves one "child" problem for Billy. It would be interesting to find out more of Celsa and her life as she was a beautiful woman.... more
      • 2 questions for Mr NolanFlycaster, Sun Dec 16 12:03
        Mr. Nolan..thank you so much for posting...I have 2 questions for you 1. Is that the same photo that appeared in the July 2000 or2002 edition of True West in your article regarding Billy's love life? ... more
        • Re: 2 questions for Mr NolanFrederickWNolan, Tue Dec 18 14:38
          Hello, Dave ~ The article "The Private Life of Billy the Kid" appeared in the July 2000 issue of TW. They (not I) asked on the cover featuring the "Telesfor" photo "Is this Billy the Kid's son?"... more
          • Re: 2 questions for Mr Nolansaloongirl, Sun Dec 23 22:09
            Fredrick The West of Billy the Kid is the best reference book out there. Thank you for you hard work. I use your book all the time. Debi
          • 1x1 photo in Paulita's albumFlycaster, Wed Dec 19 04:08
            Mr. Nolan..thank you so much for your reply to my're so right..we'll never know but for me the quest goes on.. I am currently reading the "BTK Reader" and enjoying it very much.. a... more
          • Re: 2 questions for Mr NolanChris Lampe, Tue Dec 18 15:35
            Mr. Nolan, I appreciate your taking the time to discuss some of your thoughts about one of the alleged images of Billy. This is a particular passion of mine right now and other than Bob Boze Bell's... more
          • Mr. Nolangary f, Tue Dec 18 15:25
            I want to express my appreciation for your work on the subject of BTK and how interesting you make it. Please Keep it up for all of us BTK fans. Thanks you.
      • Thank you, sir. From all I can gatherChuck58, Sat Dec 15 23:01
        Celsa seemed to just disappear from history after BtK's killing although, in fact, she never was a very prominent personage.
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