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And don't forget, tonight is the
Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:47

new Billy show on PBS--followed by our very own, local (NM) Billy show, the one Bons and I worked on back in '95. Dunno about the new one but ours isn't too awful, considering that the producer/director didn't know or care anything about Billy and it shows. He wimped out and cut the death scene, for instance, because he didn't want to be accused of "promoting violence." (!!!!)

  • On this day in 1880, Kid killed Joe Granteli sinko, Tue Jan 10 05:23
    in a Fort Sumner saloon. It is Grant's one claim to fame.
    • And don't forget, tonight is the — mizscarlett43, Tue Jan 10 10:47
      • yeah, well, insteadBonny Holder, Tue Jan 10 13:43
        I accuse him of being "lazy," and "high all the time."
        • Hear ye, hear ye!eli sinko, Tue Jan 10 14:45
          A quote from Bonny Holder that I stole from her wall: "Tonight, Albuquerque's PBS station, KNME, will show a new documentary on Billy the Kid. 7pm. I've seen interviews with the producers, and... more
          • Her "wall?" That's Facebook,mizscarlett43, Tue Jan 10 15:45
            am I right? (Sigh) The very idea of Facebook offends me at some deep level--I guess it reminds me too much of high school, which I loathed so much I jumped at the chance to graduate a year early* but ... more
            • facebookBonny Holder, Wed Jan 11 09:13
              Is actually a ton 'o fun. Now, re: NCIS. Zeva & DeNozo? Uuuuugggggghhhh...she's gonna have to sit through a ton of old movies now. :-(
            • Yeah, you're right. I think it's fun. (nm)eli sinko, Tue Jan 10 18:15
      • Your show is on tonight after the PBSeli sinko, Tue Jan 10 13:33
        one on the same station?
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