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eli sinko
Your show is on tonight after the PBS
Tue Jan 10, 2012 13:33

one on the same station?

  • And don't forget, tonight is themizscarlett43, Tue Jan 10 10:47
    new Billy show on PBS--followed by our very own, local (NM) Billy show, the one Bons and I worked on back in '95. Dunno about the new one but ours isn't too awful, considering that the... more
    • yeah, well, insteadBonny Holder, Tue Jan 10 13:43
      I accuse him of being "lazy," and "high all the time."
      • Hear ye, hear ye!eli sinko, Tue Jan 10 14:45
        A quote from Bonny Holder that I stole from her wall: "Tonight, Albuquerque's PBS station, KNME, will show a new documentary on Billy the Kid. 7pm. I've seen interviews with the producers, and... more
        • Her "wall?" That's Facebook,mizscarlett43, Tue Jan 10 15:45
          am I right? (Sigh) The very idea of Facebook offends me at some deep level--I guess it reminds me too much of high school, which I loathed so much I jumped at the chance to graduate a year early* but ... more
          • facebookBonny Holder, Wed Jan 11 09:13
            Is actually a ton 'o fun. Now, re: NCIS. Zeva & DeNozo? Uuuuugggggghhhh...she's gonna have to sit through a ton of old movies now. :-(
          • Yeah, you're right. I think it's fun. (nm)eli sinko, Tue Jan 10 18:15
    • Your show is on tonight after the PBS — eli sinko, Tue Jan 10 13:33
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