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Donna Tatting
American Experience-BTK
Wed Jan 11, 2012 09:15

Not impressed but it wasn't nearly as bad as the History Decoded mess.

I do find it kinda of fun though pointing out to anyone in the room, the mistakes or omissions. Like saying Tunstall was buried at his ranch and never a mention about brother Joe or McSween. Just seems that if the show was trying to draw people into the story of BTK, this wasn't the thing to do it.

Someday they'll get it right....I hope.

    • RE:american experience BTKljm, Sun Jan 15 17:10
      hope they repeat it
    • Re: American Experience-BTKChris Lampe, Wed Jan 11 12:35
      I only caught the last 15-20 minutes and wasn't too impressed. I DVR'd a later showing so I'll check out the whole thing tonight.
    • What's with Denise Chavez?Bonny Holder, Wed Jan 11 10:12
      The token hispanic-chica?
      • She surprised me, too. It was likeeli sinko, Wed Jan 11 12:01
        whoa! Well, okay. I guess. I mean she is a Hispanic writer about New Mexico but I've never heard her mention the Kid before.
        • What did she say that's gotmizscarlett43, Fri Jan 13 08:26
          everyone stirred up? I watched NCIS: L.A. as I said I would, but switched over to PBS during commercials. What little I saw of Chavez seemed like a nice change from the usual Anglo male POV. It was... more
          • She didn't say much. That was theeli sinko, Fri Jan 13 09:01
            puzzle. She mentioned that the Hispanics liked him, that he was a hero to them, and how he fit into their culture. That's all I remember. I was surprised they asked her because what are her... more
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