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What did she say that's got
Fri Jan 13, 2012 08:26

everyone stirred up? I watched NCIS: L.A. as I said I would, but switched over to PBS during commercials. What little I saw of Chavez seemed like a nice change from the usual Anglo male POV. It was refreshing finally to get a woman's take on our boy, since IMO we're his real constituency anyway, ;-)

  • She surprised me, too. It was likeeli sinko, Wed Jan 11 12:01
    whoa! Well, okay. I guess. I mean she is a Hispanic writer about New Mexico but I've never heard her mention the Kid before.
    • What did she say that's got — mizscarlett43, Fri Jan 13 08:26
      • She didn't say much. That was theeli sinko, Fri Jan 13 09:01
        puzzle. She mentioned that the Hispanics liked him, that he was a hero to them, and how he fit into their culture. That's all I remember. I was surprised they asked her because what are her... more
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