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Lucas Speer
Re: I agree. Billy was simply going
Sat Jan 21, 2012 04:27

I guess I will just have to respectfully disagree with you two on this matter. Billy had just killed two cops, had just barely escaped the hangman's noose, had a price on his head, and had already been ambushed in Fort Sumner after being betrayed by a local. If he felt safe at anytime or anywhere around there then he was missing something upstairs. Jim asked why Poe and McKinney allowed an armed man to approach them. My guess is that his gun was stuffed in his trousers and was not in his hand, and when he saw the Deputies he drew down on them. The gun was probably kept and sold my Garrett or one of Billy's local friends. All accounts including those in the book "I Buried Billy" verified that he had a gun. Jim Bowie's famous knife has also been lost to modern history, but very few people doubt that it existed.

  • I agree. Billy was simply goingmizscarlett43, Sat Jan 21 03:48
    from one part of the house (Paulita's bedroom) to the kitchen via the portal and had put his socks back on--as well as his pants and shirt, of course--so he wouldn't be getting back into Paulita's... more
    • Re: I agree. Billy was simply going — Lucas Speer, Sat Jan 21 04:27
      • Poe & McKinneyDonna Tatting, Sat Jan 21 09:52
        We have to keep in mind that according to all accounts, neither Poe nor McKinney had ever seen Billy and didn't know what he looked like. And after all, Billy wasn't the only Anglo in the place I'm... more
        • re: poe and mckinnyljm, Sun Jan 22 13:58
          I agree Donna, why oh why didn't he head to Mexico while he had the chance
          • I really don't understand youmizscarlett43, Mon Jan 23 09:10
            guys and your wish for one of the world's great legends to have lived an ordinary, boring--and completely anonymous -- life. Sounds more like a curse to me.
        • Re: Poe & McKinneyLucas Speer, Sat Jan 21 13:50
          I agree with you Donna regarding why they didn't draw on him. I also believe that Pete Maxwell sold Billy out to Garrett and I don't believe that they were there entirely by accident. Yes, indeed... more
        • Poe had never seen Billy before,mizscarlett43, Sat Jan 21 12:51
          but hadn't McKinney been in the hog-raising business with Garrett in Ft. Sumner before Garrett moved to Roswell (I think it was) so he could run for sheriff of Lincoln County, Ft. Sumner being then... more
          • Re: Poe had never seen Billy before,Donna Tatting, Sat Jan 21 14:15
            In Garrett's account he states: "The Kid was entirely unknown to either of them" The them being Poe and McKinney. Poe also had stated that he had never seen or met Pete Maxwell either. In Nolan's... more
          • Re: Poe had never seen Billy before,Lucas Speer, Sat Jan 21 13:52
            I also love the movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid! When I was younger I thought it moved too slowly, but the older I get the more I appreciate Peckinpah's masterpiece.
      • Lucas, all due respect but Imizscarlett43, Sat Jan 21 05:32
        think to characterize Bell and especially Olinger as "cops" in the modern sense is entirely inaccurate. Back then they'd stick a badge on just about anyone who could handle a gun and was willing to... more
        • Re: Lucas, all due respect but IChris Lampe, Mon Jan 23 08:59
          I have to say that there is no way I would call Pat Garrett a coward. Going out and hunting outlaws who are known killers is not something a coward would do. I think the key to staying alive as a... more
          • I think the point Jacobsen was makingmizscarlett43, Mon Jan 23 09:33
            was that Garrett shot from ambush whenever possible--Stinking Springs being the perfect example. ********* But see here, Chris Lampe: I don't think we're ever going to agree about much of anything re ... more
            • Re: I think the point Jacobsen was makingChris Lampe, Tue Jan 24 11:08
              "was that Garrett shot from ambush whenever possible--Stinking Springs being the perfect example" Bonney, Middleton, Waite, French, McNab & Brown killd Brady and Hindman from ambush. Bonney took Bell ... more
              • Re: I think the point Jacobsen was makingLucas Speer, Tue Jan 24 15:40
                I agree with you 100 percent! Billy killed Brady and Hindman from a concealed hiding place. If Garrett was a coward then we certainly would have to place Billy in the same category by these... more
                • Warjim lynch, Tue Jan 24 15:57
                  I think one point you and Chris are mising is that there was a war going on in Lincoln County. You certainly don't warn the Taliban when you about to off them.No such thing was happening in Ft Sumner.
                  • Good point, Jim. It was called the mizscarlett43, Tue Jan 24 16:39
                    Lincoln County War , after all; whereas what happened in Stinking Springs and later in Ft. Sumner was assassination, IMO anyway. YMMV, of course.
      • Re: I agree. Billy was simply goingLucas Speer, Sat Jan 21 04:29
        By the way I do enjoy the debate and hearing everyone's varied thoughts and opinions. That is what makes these discussion board fun.
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