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re: billy's gun
Sun Jan 22, 2012 13:56

there is something i have oftened wondered could billy have been moved to Pete Ms. bedroom after death? maybe he was asleep in Paulitas bedroom when he was killed, everything else be covered up? just a thought

    • Paco Anaya's AccountLucas Speer, Mon Jan 23 17:11
      P. 128 of "I Buried Billy" Paco who lived in Fort Sumner and was there says, "We arrived at the south side of the room where Don Pedro slept, and there was Pat Garett, John W. Poe, T.M. McKinney. So... more
      • Re: Paco Anayaljm, Tue Jan 24 06:46
        I hadn't read his account. still makes you wonder why billy got so careless. You would think he would have been a little more leary of entering that dark room
    • Say What.....Donna Tatting, Mon Jan 23 12:57
      Do you mean to imply that you disregard the mostly accepted version of events that night ? If you believe that Garrett, Maxwell, Poe, and McKinney were all lying than I guess we could make up just... more
      • Re: Say What.....jim lynch, Mon Jan 23 13:40
        And I think it is rather amusing to see all the egos demonstated. What has always stuck in my craw is Poe and McKinney letting someone walk pass them when they were supposed to be guarding Pat's... more
        • Poe and McKinney didn't "let himmizscarlett43, Mon Jan 23 16:23
          walk past them" because he wasn't coming from across the parade ground as Poe and Garrett later claimed.* He was coming from Paulita's bedroom, walking along the wide wooden portal (porch) on that... more
          • Re: Poe and McKinney didn't "let himnm312, Thu Mar 15 18:45
            did the kid have 3 hands? poe said he had a gun in 1 hand a knife in 1 hand & was buttoning his pants
          • I don't believejim lynch, Mon Jan 23 19:53
            for a minute that Billy came barefoot at night from outside the picket fence.And if they all agreed to lie about where he was, what else would they lie about. Paco's account seems to be a little too... more
          • Btw, I agree about the mizscarlett43, Mon Jan 23 16:51
            egos. I had high hopes for Weddle's little book, though, and indeed it was going along just peachy until I got to page 8, when IMO it crashes and burns with the bald assertions that the Kid's "taste... more
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