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I agree completely, Jim. It's been 25 years since
Mon Jan 23, 2012 20:53

I did the bulk of my reading on Billy, but I remember that in order to wade through the conflicting first or second-hand accounts of various events in his brief life, my tactic was to find the one thing that everyone seemed to agree on and work from there. In this case everyone seemed to agree that Billy had only socks on his feet when he was killed.

My first trip to Ft. Sumner was in August 1989 (I think) but that was all it took to convince me that boy would have to have been nuts to be walking anywhere but on the Maxwell porch in his sock feet on a night in mid July.

Why? well, in no particular order::

1. Goatsheads*
2. Poop of various kinds (dog, horse, coyote etc.)
3. Rattlesnakes (they hunt at night, you know)
4. Rocks--lots and lots of sharp-edged little rocks
5. Did I mention goatsheads? Have you ever stopped on one of those suckers in your bare or sock feet? Ever had to pull several of them out of the paw(s) of a limping, crying dog or cat?

I rest my case. ;-)

* Also known, aptly enough, as Puncture Weed.

  • I don't believejim lynch, Mon Jan 23 19:53
    for a minute that Billy came barefoot at night from outside the picket fence.And if they all agreed to lie about where he was, what else would they lie about. Paco's account seems to be a little too... more
    • I believe Deluvina had to be restrainedmizscarlett43, Mon Jan 23 21:51
      from physically attacking Garrett, and he, Poe & McKinney did spend that night locked in a room in the Maxwell house for their own safety. In fact, I think I remember one of the Ft. Sumner residents... more
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