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I believe Deluvina had to be restrained
Mon Jan 23, 2012 21:51

from physically attacking Garrett, and he, Poe & McKinney did spend that night locked in a room in the Maxwell house for their own safety.

In fact, I think I remember one of the Ft. Sumner residents being quoted to the effect that if only they'd had a leader, they'd have organized a necktie party for Garrett and his deputies. That's not how he said it, of course, but it was clear that's what he meant.

Unfortunately the only leader they had was the man lying dead on the floor, killed IMO because he WAS a leader and therefore a threat to the Territorial poobahs.

  • I don't believejim lynch, Mon Jan 23 19:53
    for a minute that Billy came barefoot at night from outside the picket fence.And if they all agreed to lie about where he was, what else would they lie about. Paco's account seems to be a little too... more
    • I believe Deluvina had to be restrained — mizscarlett43, Mon Jan 23 21:51
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