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Found this brief history
Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:12

of New Mexico (and our Official State Bird) on the True West site:

and I especially liked this paragraph:

Soon these capitalists controlled vast cattle ranches throughout the territory. They were just as willing to steal from white folks as they were from Hispanics and Indians, and when the courts failed to bring quick enough results, they were willing to resort to violence to achieve their nefarious ends. Now their names grace several New Mexico counties. Billy the Kid waged war on these men, ensuring himself an early grave as well as immortality. The badass Roadrunner loves Billy, for they are kindred spirits.

Very nice and so very true, in my not-so-humble-opinion anyway. ;-)

    • roadrunner roadrunnerBonny Holder, Fri Apr 20 14:26
      My sister has a 'runner in her nabe that stops and waits for traffic lights.
    • You're right, that was very nice.eli sinko, Fri Apr 20 06:43
      And so true: Billy waged war against them. Oh well. He lost. Nice to hear from you, Mizscarlett.
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