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Danny P.
Fun with try-ons at the shoe store...
Tue May 1, 2018 12:32

    • Re: Fun with try-ons at the shoe store...Anonymous, Wed May 2 18:25
      Yes, we've seen it before. But how nice of you to hide the original uploader's Flickr page by only posting the "page source" link. What a shit you are.
      • WTF...Joe, Thu May 3 15:01
        What t.. f... do you mean with 'original uploader'? This guy is the original thief of this picture...
      • always loveley..PHL, Thu May 3 07:03
        to read such comments. Keep on wanking on what others find and keep on trolling and yelling and misbehaving. Luv or Leave it, Troll
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