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Blueridge Bob.
Old Texas.
Tue Apr 29, 2008 00:56 (XFF:

Hi Kate, I think this is the song you are looking for. I found another version with a couple more verses. I you want that one also, let me know. Bob.

Old Texas (The Cowman's Lament)

I'm going to leave old Texas now
They've got no use for the long-horn cow
They've plowed and fenced my cattle range
And the people there are all so strange

I'll take my horse and I'll take my rope
And hit the trail upon a lope
Say adios to the Alamo
And turn my head toward Mexico

The hard, hard ground shall be my bed
And my saddle seat shall hold my head
And when my ride on Earth is done
I'll take my chances with the Holy One

I'll tell Saint Peter that I know
A cowboy's soul ain't white as snow
Yet in that far-off cattle land
He sometimes acted like a man

  • No SubjectKate, Mon Apr 28 09:19
    Plays in my head from time to time from my childhood in Texas. The words to the song start, "I'm going to leave ole Texas now, ain't got no use for a longhorn cow." The only stanza I can remember... more
    • Old Texas. — Blueridge Bob., Tue Apr 29 00:56
      • Re: Old Texas.Kate, Tue Apr 29 07:02
        Hi Blueridge Bob, You just made my day. Put a big ole smile on my face. I would love to see the other version also. First heard the song in first grade in San Antonio, never forgot the folk songs... more
        • Old Texas.Blueridge Bob., Wed Apr 30 09:53
          Hi again Kate, Here is another version with the extra verse. Knowing that I had found a song you had been lookin' for after so long made, my day also! Now we both have big ol' smiles on our faces.... more
          • Re: Old Texas.Anonymous, Wed Jul 16 05:59
            where can I download this song?
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