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Limestone Cowboy
Thu Jan 1, 2009 01:11 (XFF:

You will find the song "Utah Carol" on Marty Robbins-Gunfighter Ballads. The bosses daughter Lenore is the girl in danger, and is saved by Utah! Great song. Also on the same album I think you will really like "The Masters Call" another song about a stampede!

  • An old western song about a stampedefieriq, Wed Dec 31 17:24
    A cowboy and his girlfriend are riding and she falls off in front of a stampede.... Does anyone know what song this is?
    • Re: An old western song about a stampedeAnonymous, Thu Jan 1 01:46
      The song you are looking for is called Utah Carol, I think. If you need the words let us know. They may be in the archives. Dorothy
    • Stampede — Limestone Cowboy, Thu Jan 1 01:11
      • old songjinny snow, Wed May 6 21:17
        My dad used to sing a song about a girl lost in a stampede, but if I remember right, she died. Daddy called it "My Little Lost Lenore." I wonder if this is the same song? If you have the song, how... more
        • Utah CarolSandy, Thu May 7 12:47
          Can't charge for what's free. Hope you enjoy and hope it is the same song you remember. This is the way Marty Robbins sings it except as you will see I added 2 verses they left out. Sandy And now my... more
      • Thank you!fieriq, Thu Jan 1 17:29
        I'll check out the other song as well!
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