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Songs of the cowboy
Mon Mar 9, 2009 15:34 (XFF:

Hello forum users
Many years ago, my dad had 2 albums (on open reel 1/4 inch tape in fact!) that I seem to remember were called "Songs of the Cowboy, and "Songs of the West". He's been looking for them on a more up to date format (even vinyl would be ok) for a good 18-20 years now, but without luck. As it's his 75th birthday this year I thought I'd trawl the web and see if I could find them, however, no luck so far.

Does anyone know what they might have been? I remember there being a lot of harmonising (almost barbershop style) and harmonica in the music, and can even remember some of the lyrics, but I've had no luck narrowing down the artist, album or any other details except faint memories of what it sounds like (not much use on a web forum...)

Any hints, help or anything else would be great
Many thanks
United Kingdom

    • Songs of the WestDorothy, Tue Mar 10 10:04
      It seems to me, way back there somewhere, we had a record of "Songs of the West" by the Sons of the Pioneers. I am also almost 75 and it was back in the early 50's I think. Dorothy
      • Thankyou!MiloB, Tue Mar 10 13:57
        Thanks Dorothy! Having looked online I found some, so I've ordered it! thanks for the tip, I'll see if it's who I remember... Miles
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