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Need words to a song
Wed Mar 18, 2009 15:20 (XFF:

I think the name is "There's an Empty Bunk in the Bunkhouse tonight". But not sure. I only know a few of the words and they go like this: "He was riding the range one Saturday noon, when a Norther' started to blow. With his head and his chest headed into the West he was................" that's all I know. Does anyone know the rest or have the words and chords? Thanks much

    • Empty cot in the bunkhouse tonightSandy, Thu Mar 19 12:32
      The song was a Gene Autry classic called "There's An Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight". There's an empty cot in the bunkhouse tonight; There's a pinto's head hanging low. His spurs and chaps hang... more
      • son lyricsDiane, Sat Mar 21 02:50
        Sandy yes this is the song and thank you very much for the words. I love to remember the songs Dad sang as we don't have him anylonger, but the memories are still here. Thanks again..Diane
        • Re: son lyricsLinda Marceaux, Tue Dec 7 21:34
          Goodness, my dad also sang this song to me many many years ago and I fondly remember the lyrics. I knew only a few words and have been searching and searching.
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