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Darling Nelly Gray
Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:40 (XFF:

Perhaps this is what you are looking for, Sang by Eddie Arnold:

There's a long green valley on the old Kentucky shore
Where I whiled the many happy hours away
A sittin' and a singin' by the little cottage door
Where live my darling Nellie Gray

Oh my darlin' Nellie Gray they have taken you away
And I'll never see my darling anymore
I'm a sittin' by the river and I'm weeping all the day
For you've gone from the old Kentucky shore
[ harmonica ]
When the moon had climbed the mountain and the stars were shining too
Then I'd take my darling Nellie Gray
And we'd float down the river in my little red canoe
While my banjo I would sweetly play

Oh my darlin' Nellie Gray...

  • My Darling Nellie GrayDiane, Wed Mar 18 15:43
    Does anyone have the lyrics and chords to a song with that title or something like that title? Thanks
    • Darling Nelly Gray — Sandy, Thu Mar 19 12:40
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