marion haan
sam bass
Fri Mar 27, 2009 19:00 (XFF:

Years ago I heard a song about Sam bass. It was not the ballad that told of his life but included words about a Mr. Howard and "laid Jesse James in his grave." I would like to learn the words to this song. Any help out there?

    • Sam BassSandy, Sat Mar 28 12:06
      I found the words to Sam Bass but I don't think it is the song you are looking for. The one your recited is The Ballad of Jessie James. Here are the words to that song.In fact I have two different... more
      • Re: Sam BassAnonymous, Sat Mar 28 12:39
        Thank you so much Sandy for The Ballad of Jesse James. As I went through the words many memories of standing on a stool by my grandparents Victrola resurfaced. I found myself humming the tune.... more
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