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Who sings this song?
Wed Apr 15, 2009 18:09 (XFF:

Wondered who sings this song. Here's the first verse.

All you folks should sing with glee
To have a marvelous cook like me
From Oregon to the Texas plains
I've cooked on boats and cattle trains
I'll cook you anything you wish
But pinto beans is my favourite dish

I think the title is "Best Darn Cook (in the western states)"
Thanks for any help. Tony

    • Come and Get It - Sons of the PioneersAnonymous, Fri Feb 17 16:19
      My mom has the LP.
    • SongAbe Reddekopp, Thu Apr 16 08:57
      Pat Brady sang it, backed by The Sons of the Pioneers.
      • ThanksTony, Thu Apr 16 17:55
        Thanks Abe you pointed me in the right direction. I found out Tim Spencer wrote the song and it's actually called "Come and Get It". The version by Riders In The Sky is very good.
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