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1990's rodeo song
Fri May 1, 2009 22:07 (XFF:

I would like the name of the song and the artist that did this song. I remember some of the words, but dont remember the artist nor the title. Can someone out there help me.

"I remember when you would ride up, with the sunlight in your hair' and (his daughter) her birthday came and you didnt even call. and "Old_______(horse's name) is getting older"

I thought it was Colin Raye that did it, but I cant find it in his lyrics.

Thanks for any help. Jim

    • Everything that Glitters.Blueridge Bob, Wed May 6 22:42
      Hi Jim, I believe the song you are looking for could be "Everything That Glitters, (Isn't Gold.)" It was written by Dan Seals and Bob McDill, and was on Dan's 1985 album WON'T BE BLUE ANYMORE. I... more
      • Many thanksATPJim, Thu May 7 11:17
        Hi Bob: Thank you very much for the information. As I have gotten older, I've reached the point where it is easier for me to forget than to remember. I am grateful to you for your time and effort. Jim
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