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song lyrics search
Wed May 13, 2009 07:11 (XFF:

Hi, I'm looking for a cowboy song which may be a kid's song - not really sure - but it is very simple and plain.

The only lyrics I can recall is something about keeping your "hat screwed on tight" - and the chorus, "That's one of the tricks you must employ, if you wanna be a cowboy." I think it begins with "Out on the western plain, down by the prairie . . . "

In any case, I did hear it once and want to learn how to play it on my ukulele. Any ideas or leads? Thanks, Joe

    • When I Was A Cowboy Blueridge Bob, Mon Jun 22 21:38
      WHEN I WAS A COWBOY By Ralph McTell I was a cowboy, back in the alley. Me and my six-gun kept law on the prairie. I remember my first horse well, he was lean but a fast one We travelled miles... more
    • Re: song lyrics searchAnonymous, Tue Jun 9 23:37
      When I was a cowboy by Ralph McTell
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