Pat Fink
Just wanted to say....
Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:01

Hello Pat I just wanted to say I'm sorry about your friend. I just got to see tbis movie "Stir Crazy" for the first time & when he started to sing that song. "WOW" (I Love This Song.)
I'd Love to get thjs song but I've been reading some of these messages & I guess it looks like it's hard to get. Which I think S**KS. Cause I'd love to get the song. Maybe I can download it to my phone. (Maybe) I guess I won't know until I try right. Lol. Anyways I hope you have A Wonderful Holiday's & also be safe for this coming "NEW YEAR'S,2016. Man this year has went so fast. Lol. Oh yeah my name is Cyril-lee Aleck. Bye. Take great care.

  • My old friend ErlandPat Fink, Sun Jan 29 19:39
    Hello, I'm guessing that this is either Phillip or Philline? I was in Ridgebury school with Erland. He was the biggest and I was the smallest in the 6th grade. I spent some quality time in his... more
    • Just wanted to say.... — Pat Fink, Wed Dec 23 11:01
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