Re: ridin down the canton road
Sat Aug 5, 2017 23:56

This is how I remember it.
We used to sing it in grade school.

Joggin' down the canyon road
A-headin' for my own abode
I feel the rhythm and the beat
That only comes from horses' feet
It rocks into a crazy rhyme
My head is swingin' right in time
And as I jig and jog along
The night is filled with song

Oh, clip-a-cloppity jiggity jog
A flip-a-floppity saddle a joggin'
Along as over the trail I ride
On my journey toward the last divide

The hooves are truckin' through the mud
The tempo's singin' in my blood
The plink-a-plink of old guitars
Is hummin' to the stars

  • Ridin' Down The Canyon RoadAlicia, Wed Feb 4 13:16
    Thomas, are you still checking this thread? I learned this as a song when I was a Girl Scout, also in the 1950's. I've never seen the lyrics written before, so the lyrics below are what I heard--or... more
    • Cowboy songRandy, Thu Jul 31 22:22
      I learned this song in the late 1950's. It was in a book we used in music class.
      • Canyon Road songROD, Sun May 21 20:30
        A friend remembers her brother singing it in a school program, 1950s, and lyrics as others have noted. Did anyone ever come up with name of song and who might have written or recorded it? Know there... more
    • Ridin' Down The Canyon RoadLeonard, Mon Aug 12 13:05
      Thanks Alica! I remember this song when I was in grade school also back in the 50's. I've been looking for the lyrics for some time and they look pretty close to what I can remember. I never forgot... more
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