Adrian van Zantvoort
Thu Jan 31, 2008 02:09 (XFF:

Hello Colin,

Do you have any ideas where L7567 came down?? Chorley BC losses 1942 says near Mook(11 Kms S.of Nijmegen) or near Maasbracht(Limburg). Those who were killed are buried at the British War Cemetery at Mook.


  • Haupt Siegfried WandamColin Cripps, Sat Jan 26 11:12
    I am compiling a report for two of the relatives of Lancaster L7567. This was shot down by Haupt Wandam and Fwb Schokpe on 29.08.1942. In turn Wandam and Schokpe were shot down and killed on the 4th... more
    • L7567 — Adrian van Zantvoort, Thu Jan 31 02:09
      • ww2 aircrewAnonymous, Fri Feb 29 08:44
        Adrian, you posted a question on ex raf ww2 website a couple of years ago. I am trying to contact you with information but the email address you gave no longer exists! Please email me with your... more
        • re-connectAdrian van Zantvoort, Fri Feb 29 10:40
          My current email address is
      • Crash Site L7567Colin Cripps, Thu Jan 31 11:59
        Dear Adrian, Our Committee (49 Squadron Association)received an enquiry for photographs of either L7567 or of the crew from a Dutch national who is researching the aircraft. His name is Michel... more
    • WandamMarcel Hogenhuis, Mon Jan 28 02:46
      Hello Colin, Wandam was one of the 'guest pilots' who were sent to NJG 1 during the 'Battle of the Ruhr'. I./NJG 1 in Venlo and Gilze-Rijen, the II./NJG 1 in St.Trond, the III./NJG 1 in Twente and... more
      • WandamColin Cripps, Mon Jan 28 10:05
        Many thanks for the reply Marcel. Per chance, does anyone have a photograph of him or Schopke. I have a photo of Schopkes' grave.
        • Wandam / SchöpkeMarcel Hogenhuis, Tue Jan 29 01:18
          Hello Colin, I do have Wandam in colour and black/white but I am not sure about Schöpke. Will check my photo collection and let you know. Best wishes, Marcel
          • Wandam/SchopkeColin Cripps, Tue Jan 29 12:31
            Many thanks Marcel, anything will do. Regards Colin
    • WandamTheo Boiten, Sat Jan 26 11:43
      Hi Colin, Here's a snippet of the info you're looking for: Hptm. Siegfried Wandam and his radar op Fw. Alfred Schöpke (right spelling) were KIA on 3/4 July 1943 in a crash at Hoepertingen on landing... more
      • WandamColin Cripps, Sat Jan 26 11:45
        Many thanks Theo.
        • Wandam.Junker, Sat Jan 26 22:58
          Stab I/NJG 3 Bf 110G-4 Wnr. 5422 C9+AB! Junker
        • Wandam.Junker, Sat Jan 26 22:56
          Stab I/NJG 5 Bf 110G-4 Wnr. 5422 C9+DA! Junker
          • Wandam!Junker, Sat Jan 26 23:02
            Please ignore the two above. Stab I/NJG 5 Bf 110G-4 Wnr. 5422 C9+AB!! Junker
            • WandamColin Cripps, Sun Jan 27 09:50
              Junker Many thanks for the info. Colin
              • WandamAlain Rosseels, Wed Jan 30 00:20
                Hi Colin , If you want i can send you a picture of Wandam and pictures from his and Schöpkes grave at Lommel. Can you give me a email adress? Alain Belgium
                • WandamColin Cripps, Wed Jan 30 13:17
                  Hi Alain Thanks for the offer, my e-mail address is
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