Hauptman Gerhard Raht
Wed Mar 12, 2008 09:28 (XFF:

Can anyone answer a few questions on Raht for me? I know he had 58 kills to his credit, as I have a query from a relative of his second abschuss.
1. Can I have a short resume off Rahts' Nachtjagd career i.e. ranks, units and decorations. 2. Who was his Bordfunker for his second victory? Anton Heinmann shared 56 of his victories, what was his rank etc. 3. What was the aircraft type, serial and werk numbers that he used when he claimed his second victory?
Many thanks for any info.

    • Re: Hauptman Gerhard RahtCarsten Petersen, Sun Mar 16 02:28
      Gerhard Rath was born on the 6th of June, 1920 in Reinfeld in Holstein. He came in the spring of 1942 to 4./NJG 3 in as a young Leutnant. He shot down his first plane in the night 26/27 July 1942. On ... more
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