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N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?
Mon Oct 25, 2010 06:13

Hi All

Trying to find out what happened to Stirling N6012 on the morning of 3rd May 1941 at 02:30 when it crashed into trees at Dry Drayton.

I have read/found many different accounts but still have no solid references to let me come to any conclusion.

The plane did crash this is a supported fact - but after that it gets fuzzy.

It could have simply been mechanical or pilot error that caused the crash. However there are no survivors from the plane itself, though one crew member did survive for another day, he may have been able to make a report.

It could have been attacked by a JU88 as is the popular account. However there are logical anomolies that don't add up.

I have read a nice account from a respected expert which includes a JU88 but he gave the name of a crew memeber who was not (apparently) on the plane - so that becomes suspect as an account.

The 'Kill' is noted on some web sites and not others. If the plane was attacked on landing and crashed early then the JU88 was surely there long enough to see the massive flames on a dark night from miles away and thus record a 'kill' and surely would have wanted to. The rules for claiming a kill may have prevented an entry - however if a kill requires witnesses and the JU88 attacked alone - who would be a witness? Surely not the 4 man crew of the plane? Was there a gun camera?

Apparently there were 6 JU88s up that night - does anyone know which ones they were? Where did they patrol/attack?

Has any one seen the JU88s pilots Log book for the night - did it note a skirmish around Oakington but note a reason for not claiming a kill?

I'd be really pleased to resolve this one way or another!

It may involve a trip to Germany to look for the pilots records but even this requires that I need to know who it might have been!


    • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Paul Andrews, Tue Dec 21 19:21
      The only nightfighter unit active over Britain at that time was I./NJG2. No claims matching this Stirling were submitted.
      • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Anonymous, Wed Dec 22 02:14
        Hi Paul Thanks for replying - I have since found the AM1180 form for this aircraft which states that the pilot was in contact with the tower on the R/T and had nothing special to report. However the... more
        • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Anonymous, Wed Dec 22 19:10
          Hi James, Ok.. 2-3 May Lt. Feurbaum of 2./NJG2 claimed a "Hereford" near Church Fenton Airfield... actually a 77 Squadron Whitley damaged. 3-4 May Ofw. Hans Hahn of 3./NJG2 claimed a "Fulmar" at... more
          • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Anonymous, Sat Jan 1 15:37
            Hi Annoymous Many thanks for that. It would be nice to know where any other planes were flying to that night, that is the ones that didn't claim a kill. I realise that that is a much harder piece of... more
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