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Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?
Wed Dec 22, 2010 02:14

Hi Paul

Thanks for replying - I have since found the AM1180 form for this aircraft which states that the pilot was in contact with the tower on the R/T and had nothing special to report. However the ORB states that it may have been involved with a fighter, perhaps they may have found bullet holes from a much earlier encounter, we'll never know. Additionally the reverse of the AM1180 states that the pilot only had 17 hours night flying in the Stirling and the other figures indicate that he may only have landed at Oakington at night once before.

All the expert texts have expounded on the ORBs 'possibility' of a night fighter attack to the point where it was reported to be landing in flames!! One expert reports that a crew member bailed out despite the fact that he was never on the aircraft. I've learned that you really do need to cross-correlate as much as possible to get to the real story!

In the interests of double-checking - do you know where the fighters that were up were patrolling and the times they were in the air? If I can find this out I may be able to show that they couldn't have been in the vicinity of N6012.


  • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Paul Andrews, Tue Dec 21 19:21
    The only nightfighter unit active over Britain at that time was I./NJG2. No claims matching this Stirling were submitted.
    • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill? — Anonymous, Wed Dec 22 02:14
      • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Anonymous, Wed Dec 22 19:10
        Hi James, Ok.. 2-3 May Lt. Feurbaum of 2./NJG2 claimed a "Hereford" near Church Fenton Airfield... actually a 77 Squadron Whitley damaged. 3-4 May Ofw. Hans Hahn of 3./NJG2 claimed a "Fulmar" at... more
        • Re: N6012 - Crash - Night Fighter Kill?Anonymous, Sat Jan 1 15:37
          Hi Annoymous Many thanks for that. It would be nice to know where any other planes were flying to that night, that is the ones that didn't claim a kill. I realise that that is a much harder piece of... more
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