Wed Mar 23, 2011 06:26

Dear visitors,

When I enlisted to this forum, 6 years ago, the number of people asking and helping were quite balanced. The same qualification can be applied to the number of people, new with this historic subject and the number of real or self declared experts.

In order to keep the balance of giving and taking straight for myself, I have decided to leave this forum (in good spirits) because I need to focus on my own projects as I have no longer enough time to help. Therefore I decided to limit the number of forums, in which I am an active contributor and unfortunately, this forum is among them.

Who uses the searchfield to find my postings, one can see that I was pleased to help many times, but one cannot dance at too many parties at the same time.

I will not depart before I express my great appreciation for Greg Kopchuck, who started this forum several years ago. Dear Greg, a warmfelt 'THANK YOU' and I hope to read some day your research results for the nocturnal air batte we have discussed many years ago.

I hope that many others continue to use this forum to extend their knowledge of nightfighting, but keep in mind that giving can be as rewarding as asking for information that can be easily found, if one takes the time/effort to do basic research first. For all: keep up the good work!

Marcel Hogenhuis
Study Group Venlo Airfield in WW-2

    • Re: FarewellPaul Andrews, Sun Mar 27 07:23
      Sorry to see you go Marcel - see you on the LEMB.
      • thanksMarcel Hogenhuis, Sun Mar 27 08:39
        hello Paul You bet! Marcel
    • Farwellwam, Thu Mar 24 02:23
      Many thanks and kind regards. wam
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