The VERY intriguing Leutnant Fischer!
Wed Sep 12, 2012 02:45

A certain Leutnant Fischer, a pilot with 6/NJG2 in the summer of 1944, submitted a claim for his one and only "kill", a Lancaster bomber over the southern outskirts of Paris, moments after the successful completion of an operation with Path Finder Force.

In a posting to this forum some years ago, when seeking to expand the biographical information on a number of pilots, Dr Theo Boiten showed this Fischer (no first name given) as having survived the war.

I have looked in vain for ANYTHING about this most intriguing NJG2 flier because surely he warrants a 'place of his own' in aviation history.

As I understand it, at the controls of this Lancaster at that time was a member of No 35 Squadron who has been credited post-war with carrying out more ops than any other heavy bomber pilot during the Second World War - Squadron Leader A P Cranswick, DSO, DFC.

Many Luftwaffe night-fighter pilots brought down far more Allied bombers than the 'anonymous' Leutnant Fischer, yet this single 'kill' has a merit all of its own... though he and his superiors would have been unaware (and most likely still are) that its pilot had such a distinguished background.

Is there someone out there who knows, or knew, this fascinating Fischer? Let's try to find him now, before it is too late.

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