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Pilot Rocovsky Miroslav
Thu Apr 3, 2008 12:55 (XFF:

Thanks for the prompt replies.
Was W3840 a 'Presentation, aircraft?


  • Re: Pilot Rocovsky Miroslavmervyn, Thu Apr 3 12:52
    A little more on the a/c. 501sqdn, as part of the Ibsley Wing with 118 and 234 sqdn's on 30th December 1941, undertook operation 'Veracity II' A second mission by a large bomber force being carried... more
    • Pilot Rocovsky Miroslav — Jeff, Thu Apr 3 12:55
      • Re: Pilot Rocovsky MiroslavMervyn, Fri Apr 4 15:46
        Jeff, Yes, it was, "John Peel's Hunter" (Spelt exactly like that.) Paid from a gift of 5ooo. donated by; West Cumberland Spitfire Fund. 'John Peel' is a very old English song telling the story of a... more
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