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Pavel Vancata
W/O Nedoma
Tue Dec 2, 2008 08:17 (XFF:

HI Mike, I will try to provide you some info about this pilot, but I suppose I will have onyl ifno about his wartime service.


  • W/O Rudolf Nedoma-311 Sqnmikewsprintcoach, Tue Dec 2 00:24
    Hi Does anyone have any knowledge of this Pilot. I believe he remained in Britain after war and was married to English girl called Margaret Duncan. I am trying to find out any information for one of... more
    • Rudolf NedomaAndy Nedoma, Sat Jan 24 00:34
      I have just picked up your message. I am Rudolf and Margarets son, how can I help? Andy
      • familylucie janouskova, Wed Feb 29 23:02
        Hi Andy, my name is Lucie and Rudolf (your father) was my fatherīs uncle. Me and my father (Frantisek Marsalek) live in the Czech Republic and because I remember Rudolf when I was a small girl I just ... more
      • W/O NedomaPavel Vancata, Wed Jan 28 15:24
        Hi Andy, I am author of this website and I would like to ask if you can contact me directly on Thank you. Pavel vancata
      • Rudolf Nedomamikewsprintcoach, Sat Jan 24 09:31
        Hi Andy Thank you very much for getting in touch. My colleague's father was his cousin and they would like to ask you something about Rudolf if that is possible? If you are in agreement I will... more
    • W/O Nedoma — Pavel Vancata, Tue Dec 2 08:17
      • W/O NedomaPavel Vancata, Tue Dec 9 10:53
        NEDOMA Rudolf 787 404 Sgt - W/O with 311 Sq 10/42-08/44 Cpt since 25.02.43 on Wellingtons and again since 28.01.44 On Liberators, 37 (409.06 hrs) between 10/09/1942 and 25/05/1944 Pavel
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