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M. Smutny
Thu Jul 29, 2010 01:02

For the last 12+ years I occasionally do online searches for a relative of mine, Milan Smutny. Today I came across this passage in someone's memoirs online:

"Meanwhile, an officers' training school was started and I became its kind of regimental sergeant major. Leo was a cadet and so was Milan Smutny. During that time I was made an officer after having been an officer cadet."

This is the first reference I've found to a Milan Smutny in the Free Czech's. I am looking for any more information anyone has on him, or this officers training school that is mentioned.

The full memoirs are available at:

Thanks! Great site, keep up the good work!

    • Milan SmutnýBoris Súdny, Mon Aug 30 13:59
      Hello, I know only that Milan Smutný was member of Ústřední svaz československého studentstva (Central Association of Czechoslovak Students) in Great Britain during WW2 and also chairman of ... more
    • SmutnyPavel Vancata, Sun Aug 1 08:37
      Hi, unfortunately as he was army member not air force member I have no information about him except he is listed among the Czechoslovak soldiers of Czechoslovak Brigade stationed in Cholmondeley Park ... more
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