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John Engelsted
Czech logbooks
Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:27

Does anybody on this forum have logbooks from czech pilots that they will like to share? Or do you know where I can find such logbooks? Is there a collection in a museum or library?

John Engelsted
Danish researcher

    • Re: Czech logbooksMervyn, Mon Oct 31 12:16
      You MIGHT find SOME log books to view only, in the RAF Museum, Hendon. England.
      • Re: Czech logbooksPV, Sat Dec 10 12:54
        Hi as far as I know there are few also in The National Archives, Kew, but I can not recall the names now... Pavel
        • Re: Czech logbooksMervyn, Sun Dec 11 17:15
          Pavel is right, the only OTHER place will be National Archives in UK. Or possibly, individual pilots themselves, if you know any.
          • Re: Czech logbooksPV, Fri Dec 16 16:20
            Yes some log books are held still by the few pilots living all around the world or by their relatives or also by the private collectors all around the world again. Pavel
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