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Pavel Hamberger
to Laura & others
Wed Jun 6, 2012 10:41

W/Cdr im memoriam Frantisek Binder, DOB 22.october 1914 Hojná Voda / Heilbrunn 24, Died KIA in wwII 4.3.1942 East Wretham, csaF-2015,raf 787400

Father: Franz Anton Binder, DOB 20.may 1882 Hojná Voda/Heilbrunn 111, Died KIA in wwI 1918 ?

Mother: Anna born Berger, DOB 6.june 1889 Nove Hrady, Died after illness in 1941 ?

They were married in 19. 1. 1909, Hojna Voda/Heilbrunn

Sister: Marie born Binder, Posmourna, DOB 1913, Died after illness in 1943

Fiancee: Marie born Hokrova, Hokrova, DOB 3.november 1917 Olesnice, Died after illness in 31.july 1962 Olesnice

Daughter: Kveta born Hokrova, Hambergerova, DOB 19.januar 1939

  • Frantisek BinderLaura, Sat Nov 26 02:37
    Do you know where Frantisek grew up originally? I may know his family, but am not sure it it's the same person. Do you know any family history?
    • to Laura & others — Pavel Hamberger, Wed Jun 6 10:41
    • Frantisek BinderPavel Hambi Hamberger, Wed Mar 7 15:11
    • to: LauraPavel, Sat Nov 26 08:38
      Hi Laura, He was born 22. 10. 1914 in Hojna Voda (Abundant Water) by Nove Hrady (New Castle) in South Bohemia region. His mother was born like Janeckova and she comes from Bukova by Trhove Sviny in... more
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