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Re: Need help to identify Czech pilot
Mon May 6, 2013 22:07

Thank you very much for your very fast reply Pavel and Boris.
I have sent a request to the CWGC but it can take a while for an answer.
The french national archives said that 3 planes crashed on the vicinity of Ly Fontaine and 15 airmen were found there.
I have the full list of the crews (with names rank and squadron) for the two halifax which collided during the raid over Tergnier's marshalling yard (April,18th 1944), that is the 14 airmen buried at Grand Seraucourt Cemetery.
The unidentified pilot jumped and fell near the village's pond
The last living witness told me that the German who took the personal effects said that the man was a Czech pilot. He was buried with the other 14 airmen. But at the Cemetery today,I found only 14 graves, an empty place separate the crew of the two halifax.
Maybe the german made a mistake about the pilot's nationality, he could be Polish too.
For the witness, the 15th man was shot down in the same night...and was hurt by a fuselage part. I don't know if RAF bombers had escort fighters during the night operations, it seems curious.
I will send you a picture of the graves.

  • Re: Need help to identify Czech pilotPavel, Mon May 6 16:11
    Hi Phil, I can only confirm what Boris already wrote - no loss of Czechoslovak pilot on 18.4.1944. Also if you will check CWGC database online for this date and cemetery you mentioned there are only... more
    • Re: Need help to identify Czech pilot — Anonymous, Mon May 6 22:07
      • french national archives Roger Llywelyn Henderson, Tue May 7 12:43
        Hi, I read your post with interest. I am concerned with similar research, mostly to do with 19 Squadron RAF. I would be interested to use the French national archives which I had never heard of... more
      • Re: Need help to identify Czech pilotAnonymous, Mon May 6 22:20
        Well it is quite strange but if you are sure it was in the night of 18.4.44 I am sure there was no Czechoslovak casualty. Our airmen were not providing night escort to RAF bombers, only day escorts... more
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