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Mon Oct 14, 2013 22:23


Hi, thanks for your reply, he spoke good English my mother tells me when she met him in 1957,that may or may not mean anything,he said he used a Anglo Saxon name while flying, he said he flew Hurricanes, he had a major injury that could be seen when he took his shirt off in summer, there was a jagged hole over his heart where bone had been cut through, ( the jagged nature of the wound showed through the skin surface, he said that shrapnel had pierced the perspex canopy,he was later ( 1970s ) diagnosed with schizophrenia, so I have learned that to take some things with a grain of salt, but even so, the fundamental question remains, would there not be medical records that would show up of a major operation in the RAF or any of the European system ?, is it possible that a 19 year old able bodied Cz young flew or fought with the Germans ? I should think that would not have happened because people in Cz would not have tolerated or excepted that without there being public disgrace or reprisal .

  • Re:Pavel, Mon Oct 14 13:13
    Hi Alan, I am sorry but his name is not on the list of Czechoslovak airmen serving in the RAF, both flying staff and ground staff. I suppose he might served with the USAAF? Have you tried to search... more
    • Re: — Alan, Mon Oct 14 22:23
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