Re: Wellington Crash
Sun Feb 8, 2015 15:10

Hi my father was stationed at church broughton that's how he met my mother she was nursing at derby at the time, then they moved to Cardiff,then stationed at Talbeny to name just a few places,then moved back to the midlands. He escaped Prague paying his way out,also payed for his friends who couldn't afford to pay, going from safe-house to safe-house and landed in France, he was a bomber pilot under bomber Harris and fought for this country.

  • Re: Wellington CrashAnonymous, Sat Feb 7 09:08
    Hi my father was a bomber pilot squadron 311, he also had a few plane crashes, and we live about 5 miles from scropton.
    • 311 squadronjim davies, Sun Feb 8 20:07
      Hi sounds interesting ! Was he ever flying from Church Broughton ?
    • Re: Wellington Crash — Anonymous, Sun Feb 8 15:10
      • RAF CHURCH BROUGHTONJim Davies, Sun Feb 8 20:25
        How long was he at Church Broughton ? I was looking at the nissen huts remains today. The hut bases are still there. I know the lower ranks used to sleep there. Have you ever visited the site ?
        • Re: RAF CHURCH BROUGHTONAnonymous, Mon Feb 9 08:45
          Hi yes have visited them many years ago also the Czech graves at scropton. I will check with my family for more details.
    • 311 Sq pilotPV, Sat Feb 7 09:59
      Hi, I will be glad if you can contact me on my email cz_raf(at) Pls replace (at) by @ I would like to hear about your father. Thanks Pavel
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