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The Toy Story Ride
Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:10pm

The Toy Story Ride
By Sabina

“Oh my gosh! What is that? It’s huge!” I said to my family.
My mom said, “We are going on that ride.”
“Cool!” I said.
As I entered the ride I saw a huge handle for a huge kite. Then I saw an army man standing on the handle. Finally, we entered an enormous room. Then we started to zig and zag between poles that were in the room. We were in line for what would be the best ride ever. The room was decorated in a crazy way. There were huge cars, red, green, and blue crayons, and dominos. The ceiling was an enormous scrabble board. I was so busy looking around at all the gigantic toys, I actually walked right into my mom.
When I looked up I saw that we were almost at the front of the line. I decided to ride with my Dad. I wanted my sister to go with my mom because it was almost her birthday.
Finally, it was our turn. Dad and I got on what looked like a treadmill. We walked until we got to what looked like a rocket ship. Before getting on the ride we grabbed 3D yellow glasses. We didn’t need to be strapped in because it was not a fast ride. There were lazar guns attached to the front of the rocket. Of course they were fake. They were really cool though.
Suddenly, we saw toys holding targets with numbers on them. I shot a bunch of targets. Every time you shot a target, you got the points that were on the target. I earned points galore in that section of the ride.
Next, we moved through a dark room lit with just neon lights hitting targets. I shot one target of a pig and that got me a lot of points. In another section, there were carts filled with coal, and they were worth a lot of points.
At the end of the ride my score was 46,867. My dad’s score was 56,958. He won but that was okay because I loved spending time with him. I had the best time on that ride!

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